New Hotel Concept Model for Burgenstock Selection

Concept Villa Models for New Myanmar Resort

Thai Model Design recently created these models for the owners of a planned residential resort on the coast of Myanmar. They will be used by the sales team to help them illustrate the project to potential buyers, assisting them to sell plots.

landscaping models resort

The models are to scale and show features such as sala's, pool decking and furniture. The roof on each model can be removed, so potential customers can see the inside layout of each villa.

architectural models thailand

In total 12 models were produced, each showing the different layout style of each type of house available. Without any doubt, these models will help create revenue and drive sales for the project, as the sales staff can clearly show exactly what is included in each home.

landscape models thailand

If you have a project and need architectural models to help illustrate and sell your project, contact us at Thai Model Design for more information. 


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